Bella is a one and a half year old patterdale terrier puppy, we didn't get her until she was nearly 14 weeks old. She showed early signs of separation anxiety, with excessive urination, submissive and needy behaviours. I am a trainee veterinary nurse and tried many different things and thought I would be able to fix it. I had heard about Catherine's business, my partner was very skeptical. At this point Bella was a year and three months old and we had tried every thing, my partner was getting very fed up with Bella's urinating inside the house when she was left for short periods of time and also her other behaviours, that he was considering re-homeing her. We were as a family at breaking point with lots of other family issues as well. I was not prepared to give up on Bella so Catherine came and helped. The first communication Catherine had with Bella was almost pin-point correct, she told me how Bella was feeling even down to Bella favourite hobby. I was amazed how much intrigue into Bella, Catherine had already. She began sound treatments with Bella and we had communication sessions, in which Catherine asked Bella questions I wanted to know and relay them back to me. My understanding of Bella grew very quickly and so did the fact that my own anxiety issues were also part of Bella's problem. Catherine also picked up serve anxity from Bella when being left in her cage, so we stopped Bella going in it straight away. Catherine suggested that it would be benifical for me to have sound treatments, which I took. Over a few weeks with these treatments as well as repeated communications and changes that we made for Bella in the home, there was a massive improvement. Over the past three months Bella has grown in confidence and it has made me so happy to see her come out of herself and develop her personality. I myself feel like I have re-bonded with Bella and we're a family again. We are still continuing my sound sessions but at a reduced level, Bella joins in too. I still ask Catherine for occasional help but the changes have been incredible. Catherine was always willing to help and was contactable at any time (which I did a lot in the start), She was amazing with her communications with Bella. Catherine is the first animal communicator I have used but she will be the only one I use, she has amazing patience and is wonderful with animals. Catherine is very skilled and has gone above and beyond what I have asked of her..... and I can never thank her enough.

Jacquie Devon 2015


"I cannot praise Catherine and her sound treatments enough. To say they were life altering is an understatement. From the beginning, Catherine took care to understand my issues to ensure that the process was effective from the start. After the first treatment I felt a marked difference and was so much lighter than the day before. As the treatments progressed everything just snowballed and I felt my whole being change into a calm, peaceful state. This surprised me as I was dealing with a difficult situation at the time. I felt the worries and fears I was experiencing just drift away and my usual thought patterns (that I have tried to shed for a long time) were finally changing. Catherine has the unique ability to help you get to the core of the problem and then she uses the tuning forks to change the vibration - which is where the magic happens! She is also a naturally kind and compassionate person who has a pure intention to help. This really comes across with every treatment and her patience, commitment and perseverance knows no bounds. If you have been guided towards Catherine for either her Reiki or Sound Treatments then trust me, go for it! It will allow you to have a deep healing experience which can only change your life for the better! Thank you so, so much Catherine. You are an angel who shed your bright light into a long-standing darkness."
Sally-Anne Rees from Bangkok Thailand 2015



We contacted Catherine as our dog Tilly sadly lost her sight aged eight years old. For over a year we struggled with this difficult situation as Tilly become worse, lost all confidence. We could no longer take her for walks, go to our friends and families homes and eventually it was difficult to leave the house. She also suffered with an upset tummy nearly every night (so no sleep for anyone!). After many tests from the vets, they had no answers as to what was wrong.

We felt we had to help Tilly another way, so was thankful to meet Catherine and discovered through her amazing work, Tilly was not scared of being blind but the actual moment her sight went and the emotions that went with that, which left her feeling unsure and anxious of what would happen next. This was a vital piece of information for us and made us understand Tilly better.

Working with Catherine as she communicated with Tilly and using the sound therapy our home life changed dramatically in a matter of a few weeks.
The sound therapy given by Catherine brought Tilly's anxiety down to zero every single time she needed it. It worked immediately, Tilly had no upset tummy and slept through the whole night, we were amazed. Tilly had six distance sound therapy treatments to release all the anxiousness that was causing the stomach upsets. Catherine also taught us the trust technique which we do every day with Tilly, this helps us all feel relaxed, which helps Tilly feel secure and safe.

Tilly now goes everywhere with us like before, she has become very adventurous and full of life and her favourite place is the beach. Tilly no longer has the upset tummy and we are all sleeping at night. Even our friends and family comment on how Tilly has changed.

Catherine is kind, understanding and very sensitive and we feel very grateful to know her as she has changed our lives and made Tilly very happy again.
Sara-Jane, 2014


Troy slept really soundly on Sunday evening. Infact, we couldn't even get him up for a wee before bed. I'm absolutely fascinated by everything that you've done with Troy. My husband is definitely not usually even slightly convinced by these things but even he has been turned! 
I cannot thank you enough for your help, I hope to keep in touch and have a session with Troy & Lola in the flesh when we move back to Devon. Without your help we would almost certainly not have our beautiful boy here with us.

Needless to say, we are over the moon!

Rosie 2014


I contacted Catherine because I was worried about my Greyhound Dolly. Every night she would urinate in the room that she slept in. I had her checked by the vet who did some tests but found nothing physically wrong. The first night after the phone consultation, Dolly did not urinate. It has been two weeks now that she has not urinated during the time when she is left at night. Also, since the communication Dolly is much more trusting. I have always wanted Dolly to keep me company on the sofa but she had been to weary of the possibility of my legs

touching her and hurting her. A week after the communication Dolly joined me on the sofa curled herself inbetween my legs and lays her head on my bum. Amazing.

Emma from Exminster January 2014


Catherine is one of the strongest and most accurate animal communicators I have used to enable me to understand my cat's behaviour and health issue better. I have had communications from a few well-known professionals, and Catherine has certainly been superior in many ways. She is very sensitive and holistic in her approach. She is also extremely intuitive, perceptive and caring. She asked for no information about China, my cat, and picked up a lot of details about her, which she could have never known. Her accuracy is superb and the way she delivers the communication is professional, non-judgemental and full of empathy. She has helped China (and myself!) cope better with a health issue, with moving houses and with fireworks. In all of these situations China was a lot calmer, more relaxed and more trusting as a result of communicating with her. What differentiates Catherine to the other communicators I've used is the high level of accuracy and precision in

her communications, the deep connection she made with China, the 'down to earth', generous and humble attitude she has, her selflessness and her exceptional ability to connect. She is definitely put on this earth for a purpose!

Aspasia From Exeter December 2013


I have always been a sceptic, I believe in what I can see and what we can prove by science. When Catherine told me she could communicate with animals I smiled to myself and thought she was joking. A few days later I gave her a picture of a lovely horse that was on loan to me. I knew nothing about his past history and asked her to communicate with him, just to humour me. She told me about his quirks, behaviour, his friends and stable mates, his favourite foods, bedding. All these things I could confirm were true but I couldn't confirm his past until a few weeks later when I saw his previous owner and showed him what Catherine had written down! All the hunting days were true and even the day when his owner hit his head and he took him back to the lorry. Past stable mates who he missed were true also.


Another time, my dog Izzy the happiest dog in the whole wide world was depressed for a week after my house mate left and took her dog. She was inconsolable! I didn't know what to do for her so I spoke to Catherine, who communicated with her. Catherine explained the whole situation, reasons behind her friends leaving and also told her that it wasn't her fault. The next day she was back to her old self and hasn't looked back!! I believe that 90% of what Catherine had communicated was true, the other 10% I can not confirm but that is not to say it is not true! 

Catherine has an amazing gift and I believe that she can communicate with animals accurately even though I don't know how she does it! 

Lucy from Cornwall June 2011


Catherine visited my Throughbred filly foal after a serious injury. She gave the foal lots of Reiki treatments when she was recovering which greatly improved the mobility of the filly. The reiki also in my opionion assisted in speeding up the recovery along with medication and nursing.


When the filly was strong enough to be weaned she became very distressed post weaning. Catherine then spent several sessions communicating with the filly and Catherine advised me to find a nurse mother for her as it was not feasible to keep her with her mother. On Catherine's advice I put the filly with a mature mare who had many of her own foals, and the filly has not looked back and is developing into a smart animal.


Catherine felt that the fillys traumatic life having a serious accident, hospitalisation, surgery and weaning all within 6 months of her life made her very insecure, and the security was obtained by the mature steady mare.

Heather from Devon January 2011


The first time we took Maggie our rabbit to the vets she was really stressed out and I was really worried that she was going to bite someone. We contacted Catherine who reassured Maggie and told her the reasons behide the vet visits. The next time she was much more relaxed and easier to handle. We got Maggie from the RSPCA Centre in Taunton, and she was very shy and did not like to be handled very much. Catherine also told me about Maggie's past which has helped us develop a bond and understanding.

Leah from Devon


I have never had Reiki before and I never knew what it was. I have been at a very difficult time in my life with my health and personal life. Reiki with Catherine has helped to 'lift my spirits' and enabled me to cope with my problems. I would and have recommended Catherine to other people and wish Catherine all the best.

Michelle from Torquay