The amazing effects which the sacred sounds have on water


Sound can also change water crystals. Dr Emoto, a Japanese scientist, wanted to find out how he could scientifically evaluate water quality. He froze samples of water taken from different sources to compare their crystalline structure; tap water from Japanese cities generally would form disfigured crystals, tap water from London formed no crystals at all. Spring water produced beautiful crystals, so did holy water. He also found that he always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music and offering pure prayer to water. Likewise, Dr Emoto found the same to be true when the Solfeggio frequencies where played. To look at the images of these crystals visit


The Solfeggio sounds can be used as part of the Suara sound therapy - imagine what these sounds could do to all the water (approximately 70%) that are in our bodies. The water within us can become more crystalline helping the flow of blood and lymph through our bodies, helping the function of our brains, helping regulating our organs, helping to transfer and the absorption of nutrients into cells and tissue, helping to remove any waste out of our cells, helping the movement of nerve impulses through the nervous system, helping to balance our hormones, helping to regulating body temperature, helping to lubricate and cushioning of joints.


'when some vibration and the other resonate each other, it always creates beautiful design'

Dr Masru Emoto.


To look at the amazing images of the Solfeggio sound crystals visit: