Suara Sound Therapy


I am an ambassador of sound, which means I have attended and completed the theory and practical application of vibrational sacred sound therapy with Debbi Walker


What is Suara Sound Therapy?


The human and animal body vibrates with its own natural frequency. Sound therapy is simply bringing your energy vibration back to harmony when it has been unbalanced. Living in today's society, stresses and strains occur on a daily basis, thus lowing our natural frequency or vibration. To keep healthy and prevent us from having physical or mental illnesses, it is important to clear, cleanse and balance our bodies.


Sound therapy works by clearing away any unwanted emotions or situations, past or present, that we may be holding onto. When we hold on to these old wounds they cause blocks in our energy points and we become unbalanced, which can cause physical or emotional problems.


The sounds are also very good at helping heal the physical body. When you strike the tuning fork it produces a vibration, sending out very strong impulses through the air, causing the air to vibrate, which changes the air vibration around your body. Increasing the energy vibration around and on the physical body can help speed up the recovery process for wounds, diseases and illnesses.


Everything is made up of energy, everything that is physical (living and non living), all emotions, all illnesses, diseases and all situations.


'Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.'

Albert Einstein.


The sacred sounds and their frequencies change the energy vibrations inside and around the body.


Each tuning fork vibrates at a different hertz (unit of frequency or cycle per second).

The vibrational sounds from the tuning forks cause your body's energy vibration to change to resonate in harmony with the tuning forks.


These vibrating sounds enter into the ears, the vibrations pass through 3 connected bones in the middle ear which sets fluid moving. Fluid movement causes thousands of delicate hair like cells to convert vibrations into nerve impulses. Nerve impulses are carried to the brain and converted into what we hear as sound. Dr Alfred Tomatis, the French ear, nose and throat specialist, devoted 50 years to understanding the ear and its function.


'The ear controls the body's sense of balance, rhythm and movement and is the conductor of the entire nervous system'

Dr Alfred Tomatis


Therefore it is possible that these powerful sacred sound vibrations can reach nearly every organ within the body and can help balance and heal our physical bodies.