Reiki Treatments

As a Reiki Practitioner I do not cure, diagnose or prescribe. The Reiki energy received will work on the body or mind in accordance with your greatest need. It is your body that decides where the appropriate need is. 


Reiki is a hands on treatment. The different hand positions are designed to channel energy to all organs, glands and energy points within our body. To receive a Reiki treatment you will be laying on your back. I start the hand positions at the top of your head and work to the bottom of your feet. Some may feel the energy and others will not but you will receive a benefit of some kind. You will find the Reiki energy relaxing and calming leaving you feeling revitalised.


I offer treatments for adults, children, the terminally ill and animals. I can also send distance Reiki which you will find as powerful and peaceful as a hands on treatment and can be particually benificial to those in hospital. 


I can not offer treatments to people or animals who have suffered burns, that have a pacemaker, broken bones that have not set properly and women who are in the first three months of pregnancy.


Treatment Room

I offer treatments every Saturday in Totnes from 2pm - 6pm. Please book treatments at least one day in advance.


Health and beauty,

3 New Walk,





Tel: 01803 866897

Reiki Share

Dates coming soon

2.00pm - 6.00pm

Come and share Reiki treatments.

For Reiki practitioners and anyone who wants to try Reiki for the first time.

Health and Beauty, 3 New Walk, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5HA.

A £3 donation is required for the use of the room.

Home Treatments

Home and hospital treatments are also available, please use the contact details below to arrange a suitable time. 


Tel: 01626 439836


Mobile: 07547018451