How I became an Animal Communicator

I love caring and spending time with all animals, especially horses. My natural affinity and dedication to wanting to help them, led me towards veterinary nursing. While in my care I would often give Reiki treatments to the horses that I nursed, which seemed to help them relax in the unfamiliar place of the hospital. Veterinary nursing taught me that intuition is the most important skill to have in helping and understanding animals. The Reiki helped open up this intuition which allowed me to listen truly to what the animal is needing from us and sometimes just being heard is healing in its self.

A lovely horse led me to Animal communication and I'm forever very grateful. I nursed this gentle chap through a major surgery which he healed physically very quickly from. A couple of months later he returned to the hospital as bright as ever with his owner in tears. His behaviour had become so dangerous and unable to manage, that their was no other option than to put him to sleep. I knew from my intuition and connection with the horse the reason for his behaviour. I just didn't have the skills to validate that my intuition was correct and how to communicate this to the owner.


I enrolled onto the practitioners course, which consisted of completing 20 accurate animal communications and passing four assessments with professionals such as veterinaries, trainers, welfare officers and behaviourists. I passed all four assessments with an over 90% accuracy mark.