How can Animal Communication help you and the animal

Deepening your understanding and trust


Do you have questions that you would like to ask your animal, or would you like your animal to know of a change in their lives or environment and explain to them why. Letting your animal know what is happening can prevent issues and gives you and your animal peace of mind. Does your animal lack trust with you or does your animal not listen to you? I can show you simple techniques that can deepen your trust with your animal, all you need to do is find the time.


Behavioural problems


Do you want to know why your animal is behaving differently or just wont settle into a new environment. Animal communication can help get to the root of difficult behaviours and help find out what the animal needs to help change these behaviours.


Emotional problems


Has your animal been mistreated or been through a traumatic illness or incident in the past and holding onto these negative emotions causing anxieties, guilt, grief, fears or phobias.


Physical problems


So many times I hear people say if only animals could tell you where they feel pain. Animal communication can bridge that barrier and provide you with details about there health. Most physical problems are caused by emotional issues that sit in the body and if there for a long period of time can show up as physical aliments. Animal communication can help release negative emotions which can have a knock on effect on the physical problem or prevent the physical problem even occurring. I work in harmony with veterinarians and am not a substitute for seeking medical advice.


Preparing for and coping with the loss of a loved and cherished pet


This can be such a difficult and emotional time. Animal communication can help you come to make the right decision without the burden of guilt. I can help you through the grieving process and teach you that we always have a love connection with our animals wherever they may be.


Lost animals


I am currently not working with lost animals at the moment but by visiting the following link you'll be able to find a practitioner that can help. Lost animals