Animal Energy Points

These Energy points are a complex network of non-physical spinning vortices, which run throughout the entire body. Energy flows in and out of these energy points along the meridian system into the aura and into the physical body.


Every thought, act and emotion is a form of energy and will affect the energy points, therefore each energy centre will correspond to an aspect of the self: thoughts, emotions, senses, instincts and so on.


Animals senses or instincts are more sensitive than humans, making their energy points much brighter and larger than ours. Animals sixth sense comes from a minor energy point. There are 21 minor energy points located in different places such as at the nose, tail and ears, which are connected to the major energy points. The most important one is located at the bridge of the nose, below the third eye energy point. Animals in the wild have to depend on this minor energy point for survival and animals are constantly absorbing and translating sensory information far more than us humans are. Companion animals are still using their minor energy point but instead of using them in the outside environment in nature, their energy points and physical bodies are taking in a lot of electronic energy from our home devices, such as the television, internet, mobile phones, fridges, microwaves - the list is endless when you start to think about it. The effect of the energy coming from these devices and the super sensitive bodies of animals cannot be a good mixture and these devices are likely to effect the balance of the animal's energy points.


It's not only energy picked up from devices that animals have to deal with, they are also able to pick up on how we are feeling, which in turn effects their energy points. Often I have checked animals energy points and also their owners to find that they have the exact energy point imbalances. If you and your animal are sharing the same imbalances for a long period of time, you and your animal will physically share the same aliments and diseases. I know people who are taking the exact medication as what they are giving their animal, treating the exact condition. Is this a coincidence? Energy points are important to keep balanced not only for your health but your animal too.


Animals seem to naturally stimulate their energy points by rolling, rubbing against a tree or even rubbing against their animal or human companions. It is beneficial to your animals health that regular checks on these energy points are made to see if there are any imbalances and balance them accordingly. Animals suffering from a mental, emotional or physical trauma may not be able to repair their energy points, resulting in energetic imbalances, which in turn result in signs of disease. As a preventive treatment we should be taking a more proactive role in checking our animals energy centres and should also be balancing and checking our own.

There are a number of ways to check and balance energy points


Is the most powerful tool you have, all you need to do is intend to balance. This is really powerful if you combine intention with one of the below.


Sound therapy:

Using the sacred sounds and their frequencies to clear, cleanse and balance the energy points.


Hands on healing:

By placing the hands on the energy points and channeling the energy to heal it.



Visualise the energy point coming into perfect balance with all blockages being released.



Each energy point is associated with a number of resonant crystals that can be used to balance it.



You can use a Pendulum to both determine an energy imbalance or blockage and bring it back to balance. Simply hold it over the energy point and manually make it swing in a clockwise direction, continuing to do so until you feel the energy point is balanced.





Signs Of Imbalances



Connects To Spirit (Wisdom)


Central Nervous System

and Pineal Gland.

Emotion: Compassion


Depression and


Physical: Eyesight problems, exhaustion, epilepsy, cerebrum and pineal gland problems.

Amethyst / Diamond.

Third Eye

Acceptance Of Self (Imagination)


Pituitary and Pineal Gland, Skull, Eyes, Brain, Autonomic Nervous System and Senses.




Depression, concentration issues, distant and distracted.

Physical: Headaches, bad eyes, neurological problems, cerebellum, nose, pituitary and pineal problems.

Lapis Lazuli,

Clear Quartz, Charoite.


Communication and Expression (Release)


Throat, Mouth, Teeth, Jaw and Thyroid Gland



Emotional: Uncommunicative or excessively noisy, doesn't listen to commands. Excessively chewing due to fear based emotion.

Physical: Neck and vocal problems, under or over active thyroid problems.

Turqoise, Blue Quartz, Blue Lace Agate and Blue Topaz.


Herd Hierarchy



Circulatory System,

Thymus Gland, Immune System, Lungs

and Forelimbs



Emotional: Sad (grief, separation, loss) over possessive, unwilling to interact, jealous, nervous around other animals, anger and aggression. (History of abuse and rescue animals)

Physical: Cancer, blood pressure, heart problems, blood and

circulatory issues, immune conditions.

Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Jade.

Key / Brachial

Centre Of Animal-Human Bonding.

Links to other major energy points


Chest, Neck and Forelimbs.

Emotional: Reluctant to be touched (excluding medical reasons), reluctant or refusal to connect with owner.

Black Tourmaline (for animals reluctant to connect) and Diamond clear Quartz.

Solar Plexus

Personal Power / Sign Of Self

(Balanced attitude)


Digestive system,


Stomach, Gall bladder,

Spleen, and Pancreas.



Emotional: Power and control. No enthusiasm to work or play, withdrawn, depressed, aggressive, dominating

and obsessive. Physical: Digestive issues, eating disorders, diabetes and liver problems.

Amber, Citrine,

and Tiger Eye.


Sexuality, emotion



Kidney, Adrenal Glands, Reproductive System, Lymphatic System




Over emotional and excessive whining for no reason (once medical reasons have been ruled out).

Emotional loss of a companion, home, offspring, owner can be stored her.


Kidney problems. Spay, neutering

and breeding issues.

Coral, Carnelian

and Orange Calcite.


Survival, grounding


Rectum, Genitals

Hips, Hind Legs, Feet, Spine and Muscular Skeletal System.




Excessively Fearful, strong Flight / Fight Reactions, Restlessness,

Greedy, Destructive behavior,

Sluggish, Insecurity and Lack of trust.

Physical: Auto-immune disease, arthritis, Osteoarthritis,

Spinal Column problems, cancer,

and fatigue.

Ruby, Bloodstone,

Haematite and Red Jasper.

21 Minor Sensory

Connected to all major energy points


Sensory System, throughout the body.

Can be found in among other places on the nose, ears and tail. Most important one is located below the third eye at the bridge of the nose.



6 Bud Energy Points

Subtle energy receptors


Each foot and one on the skin at the base opening of each ear.

Receptive to subtle energy vibrations (weather and even impending major earth events). The bud points on the feet are used for a source of energy in the ground which is beneficial to the animal.