The Human and Animal Relationship



Through our close bond with our animal companions we are able to communicate through a feeling based language.


Animals are very sensitive both physically and emotionally. Physically a dogs sense of smell is a thousand times better then our own, sensing odours at concentrations nearly 100 million times lower than humans can. Emotionally animals are able to pick up on our own feelings before we have even walked in the door. Have you ever wondered how your dog knows when you are about to take him on a walk even though its not the usual time? Or when your cat disappears when it's time to go to the vets even before you've got the basket out? Or how your horse misbehaves when you're nervous. This happens because your pet is picking up on your feelings and thoughts and are showing you how this makes them feel through their behaviour and body language. Listen to your animals behaviour because they are communicating with you.

What is Animal Communication

Animal communication is a feeling language. It is simply listening intuitively through the feelings of the animal. To communicate with animals I simply clear my mind of any clutter being that of my own thoughts or feelings, which quietens the mind to a same energy frequency of that of the animal. This enables me to focus and clearly pick up on accurate information about the animal. I then interpret the feelings, images or words I receive and translate them to you. Giving you an insight of the animals perspective which can deepen your level of understanding and trust for your animal.


All animals are individual just like us humans, some animals give information more freely than others and occasionally some animals may not want to or aren't ready to communicate.